how it all started...

It all began when we opened our cafe 5 years ago: Third Day Coffee – our OG spot that brought the good vibes and java joy. We were all about that cozy corner, serving up cups of pure comfort. But you know what they say, right? Good things evolve – and so did we!
Fast forward to the birth of Never Worry Coffee Roasters. We were like, "Why just sip when you can roast, too?" We dove into the coffee game, roasting our own beans with mad passion. We're all about that farm-to-cup journey, sourcing the freshest beans and turning them into liquid gold. From Africa to the Americas, we've got roasts that'll make your taste buds do the happy dance.
But hey, this journey ain't just about us – it's about sharing the love, one sip at a time. We want YOU to partake in our coffee mission! Whether you're a latte lover, an espresso enthusiast, or just someone who digs good company and even better coffee, we've got a seat saved for you at our table. So slide into our DMs, drop by our joint, or hit up our website 'cause this coffee train's about to take you on a flavour-packed adventure! Let's roast and roll, fam!

Located in County Antrim

This year, we've planted our coffee roaster right in the heart of Antrim, Northern Ireland, where the town has shown us some serious coffee love.
Our coffee shop has been an epicenter of community vibes, and the town's affection for our brews has been nothing short of heartwarming. We're all about that hometown pride, and we're on a mission to spread the love even further.
So, if you're craving that warm Antrim embrace in every cup, come hang with us at our local coffee spot. Let's keep the love flowing, one sip at a time!