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Guatamala - Los Arroyos, Huehuetenango

Guatamala - Los Arroyos, Huehuetenango

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Step into the world of our very first Guatemalan coffee! Crafted by the talented Felipe Venenciano Martinez Lopez, this brew boasts a punchy lime acidity that'll have you thinking of Key Lime Pie from across the pond. It's a zesty, refreshing experience that we're excited to share with you. So kick back, sip, and enjoy the taste of Guatemala in every cup of our coffee.

Washed - Los Arroyas 

The Cup: Lime, Dark Chocolate, Meringue

Farm Felipe Veneciano Martines Lopez, Los Arroyas

Process Washed

Variety Caturra, Catuai, Cache

Elevation 1600 MASL 

Region La Libertad Region, Huehuetenango

Country Guatemala

Harvest January - April


The Farm

Los Arroyos farm, spans 50 hectares of rugged terrain. Operated by Felipe Venenciano Martinez Lopez and his sons, they cultivate Caturra, Catuai, and Pache varieties. We're excited to bring you their coffee as a standalone offering. With four satellite wet mills and a central drying patio, the farm ensures meticulous processing. The higher elevation and cooler temperatures allow for longer fermentation times, enhancing the coffee's complexity.


Huehuetenango, nestled in Guatemala's highlands next to Mexico, is renowned for its coffee. Thanks to its elevated position and diverse microclimates, the coffee here is prized for its vibrant acidity. Situated in the Los Cuchumatanes mountains, Huehuetenango enjoys protection from frost due to hot winds from Mexico, allowing coffee to thrive up to 2000 meters. With temperatures ranging from 20 to 24 degrees Celsius, and cool breezes moderating conditions, it's an ideal spot for cultivating exceptional coffee.


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