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Brazil - Mio Fazenda

Brazil - Mio Fazenda

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Meet "Caramel Brownie" – our absolute favourite from Mio Fazenda's exceptional selection.

We're truly smitten with this single-origin gem. Grown amidst the rolling hills of Brazil in Minas Gerais, it embodies the dedication to quality that Mio Fazenda is renowned for.

With every sip, you'll taste the rich tapestry of dark chocolate, nutty hints, and velvety caramel. And here's the best part: we find it pairs brilliantly with milk, making it our top choice for a flat white any time of day.

A must try for your espresso coffee at home. 

The Cup: layers of rich cocoa, subtle nutty undertones, and smooth caramel indulgence

Farm Mio Fazenda

Process Natural & Honey

Variety Bourbon, Catucaí, Mundo Novo 

Elevation 900 - 1100 MASL

Region Minas Gerais

Country Brazil

Harvest 2023/2024

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