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Ethiopia - Yirgacheffe

Ethiopia - Yirgacheffe

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Introducing our latest gem from the heart of Ethiopia's Yirgacheffe region: Chelbesa. This extraordinary coffee is a testament to the region's renowned coffee heritage, cultivated at elevations ranging from 1950 to 2200 meters above sea level. This coffee embodies the essence of Yirgacheffe's terroir, with its captivating flavour profile boasting notes of bergamot, toffee, and cacao, Chelbesa offers a sensory journey reminiscent of Earl Grey tea evolving into indulgent bergamot chocolate truffles. Experience the essence of Ethiopian coffee excellence with each sip of Chelbesa.

The Cup: Bergamot, toffee, dark chocolate, round and full body

Farm Chelbesa Lot#5 G2

Process Natural

Variety Mixed Heirloom Varietals

Elevation 1950 -2020  MASL

Region Chelbesa, Yirgacheffe

Country Ethiopia

Harvest November - January 

Chelbesa, nestled within the Gedeo zone of the Gedeb district, stands out as a prime coffee-producing region characterized by dense semi-forest vegetation and shade-grown coffee trees. In 2019, SNAP Specialty Coffee established a cutting-edge wet mill in Danche, a local hamlet, to exclusively source ripe red cherries from nearby farmers, a vision fully realized upon project completion. Utilizing ceramic fermentation tanks, they enhance coffee clarity and expedite fermentation. This collaborative effort involves 495 smallholder farmers, benefiting from the area's fertile redbrown soil. Employing traditional natural processing methods, cherries undergo meticulous sorting and flotation before being dried on African beds for 28 to 35 days, epitomizing a commitment to quality in coffee production.


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