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Blend - 60 % Brazil, 40% Colombia

Blend - 60 % Brazil, 40% Colombia

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Experience our exclusive blend, 'Fruit Loaf,' meticulously crafted from 60% Natural Brazilian and 40% Washed Colombian. Delight in the comforting richness of Brazilian coffee, boasting chocolatey and nutty nuances, harmoniously complemented by the vibrant acidity and plum notes of Colombian beans. Each sip of 'Fruit Loaf' offers a delightful fusion of flavours, creating a truly satisfying coffee experience.


  • 40% La Cinta, Colombia
  • 60% Mio Fazenda, Brazil


  • 40% Washed
  • 60% Natural & Honey


  • 40% Caturra & Tabi
  • 60% Bourbon, Catacuai, Mundo Novo


  • 1700 & 1150 metres above sea level


  • September - November & July - September


  • Plum, Raisin, Brown Sugar

Our first blend brings together two exceptional coffee origins. La Cinta contributes sweet, raisin-like flavours, while Mio fazenda offers rich cacao notes. Combined, they create a flavour profile reminiscent of traditional tastes.


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