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Brazil - Cerrado

Brazil - Cerrado

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Check out our Brazilian coffee vibes! It's like a flavor adventure in your cup. Picture this: Cacao Nibs giving you those chocolatey vibes, Creamy like your fave latte, Hazelnut Praliné bringing that nutty goodness, pomegranate with a fruity twist, Brown Sugar for that sweet, sweet touch, and Floral notes to keep it fresh. 

This coffee from Brazil is all about those chill, laid-back flavours that'll make your taste buds do a happy dance. It's like a coffee hug for your soul.

Natural - Fazenda Londrina - Red Catuai

The Cup: Mild, sweet, and citric with almond, cocoa.

Farm Jorge Fernando Naimeg - Fazenda Londrina

Process Natural

Variety Red Catuai

Elevation 1150 MASL

Region Cerrado

Country Brazil

Harvest July - September


Londrina vibes, peeps! It's a massive 394 hectares of pure awesomeness, and guess what? They've got 190 hectares totally dedicated to growing coffee. The coffee trees start blooming in September and October, and then we patiently wait until July to September for that epic harvest. 

Oh, and speaking of climate, it's a cool 21°C on average – perfect for those coffee trees to thrive! 

Now, let's talk coffee varieties because it's not just your regular joe. Londrina is rocking some Catuai, Topazio, Mundo Novo, Acacia Cerrado, Rubi, Paraiso, and Catucai. It's like a coffee variety party up in there!

And here's the tea (or should I say coffee?): This particular batch of Red Catuai coffee went through the Natural processing method. Catuai, by the way, is this awesome coffee type born from a fusion of Mundo Novo and Caturra varieties, thanks to the Instituto Agronomico (IAC) in Campinas, Brazil. These Catuai beans are like the cool kids of the coffee world – super productive and widely loved all over Brazil.

So there you have it, Londrina's coffee game is strong, and we're here for it!


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